Playing with polar bar charts.

Another week, another product test. This time with a little bit of football flavor. I mean, the Premier and Champions Leagues are drawing to a close in the coming weeks after all! 

Enriching your sporting fandom with dataviz is like adding cream to your coffee. And after admiring this visualization from an avid footballing 'vizzer', I thought it would be another great test to reproduce a similar chart using our very own Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator.



A closer look at the data-driven elements of my chart can also be seen below.

A huge benefit for the designer is being able to update the visual's data without losing any styling. Simply add the new data and watch as components instantly refresh.

With so many charts needing to be revised or reproduced regularly  whether they be sporting stats after each week's match or the monthly financials for the latest board meeting and report  just imagine the time you would gain back and what you could do with it ... Perhaps even watch the football game you would have previously missed because you're not having to repeat your work afterall!

Datylon Graph means you say goodbye to starting from scratch styling your charts with every amendment.