Duplicating Drugs Dataviz.

Recently, we've been having some fun testing our new dataviz plug in for Illustrator, Datylon Graph. To test our tool’s functionality, we find charts out there in the big wide world, and completely remake them, 100% data-driven within Illustrator – something we like to call 'copycat charts'.

You can see some of our recent copycats herehere and here.

This week’s test is a pharmaceutical data story very typical to what you’d see designed in Illustrator, with multiple visuals taking you through a range of topics all nicely laid up within the frame.  

Check out the original and this week’s fully Illustrator-created data stories below:

The "before" (the original data story)

The "after" (completely remade in Adobe Illustrator)

Two points we need to highlight from what you see above:

1. The first bubblechart looks different, let me explain why. The original chart has an interrupted axis which isn’t always easy to spot at first glance... As a rule, breaking the axis is a major dataviz no-no as it represents the data in a misleading way.

Aside from being allergic to misleading anyone with any visual - I want to point out that it was deliberate to exclude the outlier datapoint from our copycat chart. In order to maintain the axis’ consistency, to show how much of an outlier that point is, the chart frame would end up altered the whole datastory layout.

So instead, we have rebuilt the chart in the same style within the original frame to demonstrate just what Datylon Graph makes possible within Illustrator.

2. The original chart uses pill icons within the 3rd and 4th charts. At this stage of our product development, this icon style doesn't exist...YET!

Alongside our basic icon library, in the near future it will be possible to design your very own icons in Illustrator, then apply them to your Datylon Graph charts via the 'symbol' pane. This gives you, the designer, complete control and freedom over your icon charts and data stories.  

To see more on how Datylon Graph can boost your chart making within Adobe Illustrator, check out our Product page