Glass half full or half empty?

Last week we had an intern in our office who tested Datylon Graph, our data visualization plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. Stijn -not me, another Stijn- created and re-created a whole range of charts to test the flexibility and versatility of our tool.

Many tested charts were for instance sophisticated bubble charts or heatmaps visualizing serious topics. But sometimes the benefits of Datylon Graph can as well be tested and proven with a simple bar chart and above all with a subject that might be close to Stijn’s heart: beer.

We found the chart online and I would hereby like to give the unknown creator all the credits, but I’m sure he or she would not mind we give it extra attention in this blog.

To increase the challenge, we made this a reusable chart and suddenly a very simple design becomes less trivial to produce. Unless you have Datylon Graph.

This is how Stijn went about: The chart is built out of 2 layers. One layer is showing a standard Datylon stacked bar chart with 2 series colored in yellow and white illustrating beer and its collar.  The other layer on top functions as a mask and creates the glass shape.

Now by simply uploading new data, the beer and collar rise or fall within the contours of the glass. And this without any manual manipulation of drawing.

So you want the glass half full or half empty? Just upload new data.

To try it out, register for Datylon Graph here and download the Illustrator file via this link.