What's New in Release 37

New Color Features and Data Driven Coloring

  • Color your bars, pie slices, scatter data marks, heatmaps and icon arrays, using our renewed palette picker;
  • They now also include custom palettes, categorical, continuous sequential, diverging and categorical equal weight palettes even in reversed order; and
  • You can select single color swatches from a palette, within our solid color picker and gradient fill.



Hungry for more info on data driven coloring, visit our HelpCenter or contact support.

You can now rename and reorder workbooks

Helping you to organize your data more easily. And don't forget you can link to data provided by others in your team via our Web App.

We Continue Our Mission

With your feedback, you can help us fulfill our mission. Don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to us on Twitter, via chat or email.

Your #chartsmatter #staysafe and keep designing !