What's New in Release 38

New Chart: Bullet Chart

Bullet charts have proven to be very useful for many different purposes ranging from financial reports, industrial dashboards to business performance benchmarks. Yes, we love this chart as much as you do! ❤️


You can download Illustrator files with some examples here. More info on how to create a bullet chart with Datylon, visit our knowledge base or contact support.

Enjoy Using Our Optimized Font Selector

Datylon is known to support more fonts than others, and we continue to work on extending that list. With our optimized font selector it’s now faster and easier to switch between fonts and find the right match.

Here's Our Very Own Data Point Styling! 

Emphasize a specific value or highlight a distinct topic in your chart by styling one or more particular data points, or dim out others.


Hungry for more info on how to style data points with Datylon, visit our knowledge base or contact support.

We Continue Our Mission

With your feedback, you can help us fulfill our mission. Don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to us on Twitter, via chat or email.

Your #chartsmatter #staysafe and keep designing !