What's New in Release 39

Online Collaboration

With more and more people working from home, remote teams need to stay productive no matter where they’re working from. By stepping up our investments in our web app, Datylon now also helps you automate your workflow and collaborate online:

  • You can share chart templates with other people who can then view, edit and update your templates with new data — without losing your styling efforts;
  • Charts and reports can be published online, shared via email, social, embedded on your blog or website, or exported in different formats.


Learn more about the differences between our web app and Datylon for Illustrator in this article.

Free Plan

Because your charts matter even more when they are being shared, we created a Free Plan that includes all functionalities in our web app. Cancel anytime. No credit card required.

View our pricing plans or contact sales for more info.

New Chart: Icon Chart

Icon charts are great for showing your audience an overall comparison between usually smaller sets of data. You can scale and color icons for this chart type: two properties that are very popular in business communication or media.


Of course you maintain full creative control over your designs, thanks to the advanced styling options available. 

For more info on how to create an icon chart with Datylon, read this article or contact support.

Even More Styling Options

  • More stroke options around and between slices of a pie chart
  • Negative text tracking enabled for labels
  • Palettes can be filtered down to 2 colors


We Continue Our Mission

With your feedback, you can help us fulfill our mission. Don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to us on Twitter, via chat or email.

Your #chartsmatter #staysafe and keep designing !