• 01

    We’re doers, not tellers – so you can say goodbye to meetings and emails (well, almost).

  • 02

    Flexibility – we know you have a life outside of work, so no need to operate within the rigid 9-5 boundaries.

  • 03

    There’s always something going on and lots of things you can be part of #StartUpLyfe.

  • 04

    You get to sit alongside the seniors, so you can sponge up the knowledge and wisdom ‘til your heart’s content.

  • 05

    We have high standards; so you can count on your colleagues being just as smart and driven as you.

  • 06

    There’s tons of inspiration and fresh thinking to feed your dataviz hunger.

  • 07

    We’re growing quickly, so there’s plenty of opportunities to learn and grow with us.

  • 08

    There are no rules. Instead, there’s trust that you will use good judgement and freedom to make a real difference.

  • 09

    It’s ok if you make a mistake - it’s what you learn from it to take with you and improve that’s the most important.

  • 10

    You’ll feel valued – with an employment package that includes healthcare, meal vouchers, and lots of other perks.

  • 11

    Daily lunches and fruit to keep you fueled, and an office coffee machine if you need fuel of the caffeinated variety.

  • 12

    Inspiring environment – Antwerp’s Startup Village is a thriving hub for entrepreneur endeavors.

  • 13

    Exposure to the perfect blend of local and global, big and small – we work on Belgian as well as global companies.

  • 14

    We’re respected by our clients, they value our opinion and their partnership with us.

  • 15

    We act fast, we implement change in scalable manner. Get it live and optimize!

  • 16

    Be a part of an international team, we have team members from 5 different countries and counting...

  • 17

    Rooted in democratizing data, you will be working on something that makes a real difference to the world.

What defines us


We’re eager to learn.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We’re curious and proactive.

We love doing what we love, and we're loving what we do.


We’re trustworthy.

We take ownership.


We’re adaptable, chameleon-like!

We’re strategic and creative thinkers, but also simplifiers.

Open Minded

We listen and work well with others.

We’re critical thinkers, with an appreciation for different perspectives.

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