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Datylon® crafts data experiences. We help you unlock the value of your data by transforming insights into actionable data visualizations. Increase your information velocity and become more data-driven.

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Commercially available IoT platforms often struggle to address the specific needs of all stakeholders. In such cases, it calls for a custom solution based on readily available (open source and other) components. Datylon builds and hosts such platforms with actionable insights for all users. A custom IoT platform with bespoke time-series based data visualizations or clear actionable reports can make all the difference to successfully improve your services or to deliver better products.

Data Hubs and Data Lakes

Making data available internally or working together with others on sharing data promises to change the way you do business. Whether it be homogenized data or not, big data or small data, somewhere in there are the answers to your most important business questions. Yet, extracting value can be a real challenge. We help you set up and manage custom data hubs and data lakes in such a way that you can extract tangible business insights that drive competitive advantage.


Already got what it takes? We can help you add embedded analytics or bespoke data visualizations to your applications. Insightful dashboards or user-centric reporting makes your application more actionable and thus boosts the value you deliver to your customers.

Location Insights

Geospatial information and analytics might be just what your business needs to stay ahead of the competition. We craft bespoke geospatial apps and location insights solutions that help you make better data-driven decisions.

Dataviz Apps

Bespoke dataviz apps can help boost your business by bringing information into circulation. When business users become inundated with reports or places to look for the data then it’s time to give your users simple tools to understand data at a glance. Bring the right data to the right user and use interactive data stories that explain what is going on and what needs to be done. We help your business do more with data.

Our design thinking expertise helps us get to the bottom of both your user and business needs. By using an agile development process that ensures continuous delivery we’ll produce a steady flow of tangible deliverables and incremental value. 

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