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Course 1

Intro to dataviz

This is a brief, entry level, course aimed at dipping your toe into the dataviz water. Content covers the history of dataviz, why you should visualize data and dataviz-in-action with real world examples. 

Course 2

Dataviz design and best practice

Building on course one's content, course two is focussed on dataviz design. Common pitfalls and best practice will also be covered off, along with providing participants with a checklist to ensure their dataviz is as effective as possible. 

Course 3

Personalized consultation

Looking at a group’s own processes and dataviz requirements, course three offers data visualization training based around the specific needs of the sector or department. The program can also focus on a particular aspect, depending on the request of the customer.

Options could include:

  • storytelling with data visualization
  • integrating graphics in publications and web pages
  • dashboard design
  • specific data sets where participants often take work
  • specific tools (R / ggplot, D3, RAWGraphs)
  • data preparation (in Excel)
  • visualization of data that goes beyond rods and lines (less common types of graphs)
  • mapping and geodata

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